Letter from Weston Wilkerson

My name is Weston Wilkerson and I am 22 years old and I’m from Johnson, Kansas. I was born in Liberal, Kansas and I was raised in Johnson and have lived there my whole life. I grew up on a family farm and cattle operation.  Very young age I was introduced to country music and I immediately had a passion for it. There’s stories of myself getting up and singing for my class whenever I was in first grade. It’s almost like that’s what I was destined to do. I Got my start with performing whenever I was a freshman in high school when I entered the school talent show and won. It was from that moment I knew that’s what I wanted to do was to sing and perform for people. Within the next year I got an opportunity to sing on the weekends at a local restaurant in a little town called Manter just 7 miles down the road with about a population of around 300 people. I sang there at least every other weekend throughout my high school career until I started making more connections and started getting more gigs around the southwest Kansas area.  in the meantime I started experimenting with writing my own songs. My earliest influences were artist like Garth brooks and George Strait so early on, my writing kind of emulated what they did until I found my own sound.  it wasn’t until this last year I finally had the opportunity to get into a studio and produce something that I had already written. A good friend of mine named A.B. Licon I was also from Johnson and he was living in Garden City Kansas or I was going to community college and he also had the same interests as me and also had a little studio in his apartment. So I got together with him and pretty much told him that people are wanting me to release the song that I’m writing so we got together and produced bartender. I wrote bartender four years ago before I was even of age to buy a drink at a bar which is funny. I honestly can’t recall where I got the idea of the song. I think it was more or less the guitar riff that I had came up with and the melody that seemed to fit the narrative.  I remember I played at a hunters banquet and Johnson the day after I had written bartender. When I played that song for the crowd I got a great response and I knew that I needed to keep playing that song. People liked it and thought it was catchy. To me it was the response of the crowd that made me realize that this is something I should release eventually when I finally get the chance to.  sure enough, here we are and I finally have my first single out and I am beyond satisfied with the response from people and the final product.

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